Cate Nelson-McDermott


A teacher of literature and writing at UBC, Dr. Cate Nelson-McDermott counts among her loves literature, gardening and singing opera. Her interest in singing began with choral groups such as the University of Alberta Chorus and Pacific Singers. The turning point came when she started lessons with Richard Williams. "I studied with a number of singing teachers," she says, "but Richard is the only one who really made a difference." Cates points out that her musical tastes are not limited to opera. She is an avid fan of Leonard Cohen, heavy metal, „80s rock, and Noh, an ancient Japanese form of musical drama.

Cate has been singing with Opera Pro Cantanti since its inception in 2007.

Her roles include:  La Traviata - (Gaston, Flora)
I Puritani - (Arturo) Macbeth - (1st Witch, 3rd Apparition) 


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